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Many businesses need to submit to an audit to comply with regulations and checks from statutory auditors. A registered auditor might become necessary due to failure to submit timely returns or for other reasons, but the process does not need to be intrusive or intimidating. Audit work is easy with proper guidance from experienced audit firms like Kevin Mannion & Co.

Our registered auditor is an excellent contact to help you improve operations through a careful financial audit. Kevin Mannion & Co. employ vast experience in auditing, helping you submit accurate financial statements and other required documents with complete confidence.
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The professionals at Kevin Mannion & Co. also conduct non-statutory audits to help companies make their financial practices more efficient.

Meet Your Legal Obligations

Your business might be required to submit to an independent audit. Kevin Mannion & Co. can make the process efficient and unobtrusive.

Prevent Fraud

If you suspect financial fraud, why not have Kevin Mannion & Co. conduct a discreet audit to uncover the details?

Reduce Errors

Employees and clients often make mistakes, but an audit from Kevin Mannion & Co. will quickly identify errors for correction.

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Are you unsure if you comply with current legislations?
Business regulations are constantly changing, particularly during uncertain economic or political times. If you are worried that your business practices are no longer in compliance, Kevin Mannion & Co. can audit your finances before the regulators address areas of concern.
Identify weaknesses
Even if your records are entirely accurate, inadequate controls could put your company at risk for mistakes or fraud. Kevin Mannion & Co. has a registered auditor to recommend improvements and ensure that your business follows the industry best practices.
Avoid penalties
Financial recordkeeping mistakes could result in penalties for late or inaccurate documentation. Kevin Mannion & Co. ensures careful accuracy before submission to Revenue or other regulatory authorities. Our non-statutory audits also highlight where your business could improve its financial practices.
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Audit of Company Financial Statements
We are authorised to conduct statutory and non-statutory audits of company financial statements to verify accuracy.
Internal Control Audits
Kevin Mannion & Co. have experience conducting internal control audits, which assess the internal safeguards and practices that a company has in place to ensure the accuracy of financial records.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kevin Mannion & Co we will take all the hassle out of the changeover, we will deal with your previous agent to get all the relevant information.

The fees charged depend on the level of expertise required and the amount of time spent on the job. However, on request we can will provide a no obligation quote in advance of undertaking any work.

This depends on the legal form of the business and which taxes you will be obliged to register for. We can provide an estimated timeline in our first free no obligation consultation.

No. At KM & CO. we work with a variety of software packages. We can provide advice on the most suitable for your business but we can work with whatever system you currently use.

KM & Co supports businesses in a wide variety industries. Our Principal, Kevin Mannion has over 20 years experience working in accountancy practises providing support to many businesses in many different industries.

Taxes are payable monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depening on the tax type and the business type. When you engage KM&Co we can provide a clear outline of when your taxes will be due for payment.

Yes we can can prepare cash flow projections for your business. We can also adviseon better ways to manage your cash flow and how to plan for future outgoings.

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Other Services

We service clients across a broad range of sectors:

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We are respected and highly skilled chartered accountants. Find out how we can streamline your recordkeeping process.
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