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Do you need to track your business finances better?

Irish businesses face complex regulatory Revenue Commissioners challenges. Keeping track of tax obligations is difficult, and accountancy qualifications go a long way in mastering endless statutory reporting requirements to a government or professional body. Non-compliance begets penalties, so it’s important that our accountants ensure the enterprise’s finances are perfect.

Trust the Accounting Professionals with Kevin Mannion & Co

Trust the experience of Kevin Mannion & Co. for sound business finance leadership. Our team comprises of chartered accountants working in the public sector and corporate finance. Kevin Mannion is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, with continuing professional development against regulatory amendments.

How we can help?

Tax Saving

Every cent that you’ve earned should be yours to invest in as you please. Kevin Mannion has more than a decade in the accountancy profession, working to keep clients’ tax obligations as low as possible. Any endeavour will benefit from Kevin Mannion’s keen understanding of tax laws, no matter how unique the business.

Help to Develop/ Grow your Business

Many local businesses stagnate under onerous accountancy requirements that are encumbering more resources than a growing enterprise can handle. Kevin Mannion & Co. have accountants with plenty of experience. We will streamline and automate your financial recordkeeping, promoting professional development in financial best practices and helping your company grow.

Help you make financial decisions every day

Prudent financial decision-making depends on a detailed and intuitive understanding of your business’s finances within a larger economic and regulatory context. As a well-equipped chartered accountancy firm, Kevin Mannion & Co. informs clients timeously about compliance issues, more favourable financial alternatives, and the short-term and long-term consequences of any business decisions.

Time Saving

Modern cash flow management software empowers companies in recordkeeping tasks with greater precision in a fraction of the time. Kevin Mannion & Co. can set up digital platforms to streamline money management. It is great for business, and you’ll have more time to focus on core strategies and growth.

Avoid Hefty Tax Penalties
The Revenue imposes severe penalties for failure to comply with reporting obligations or underreporting income. Well-intentioned business owners often find themselves trying to explain errors or omissions to no avail. Kevin Mannion & Co. are intimately familiar with Ireland’s tax laws and will ensure flawless tax returns and supporting documents on every submission.
Meet Your Legal Obligations
The opportunities for international business connections are vast, but it also imposes restrictions on business operations for a range of reasons. It might be respecting consumer privacy or reporting certain transactions. The chartered accountancy firm of Kevin Mannion & Co. fully understands these legal obligations and keeps your business informed.

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Well Known & Trusted

Avoiding Disaster with Sound Accountancy and Tax Advice

Businesses that do not track where their money is going will often find their operations vulnerable to embezzlement and fraud. The risk is high, causing harm to clients or customers and undue attention from tax authorities by failing to ensure that transactions are transparent. If you want to safeguard your business from these pitfalls, let the Kevin Mannion & Co. accountancy firm help you take the reins.

A chartered accountant qualification marks a CAI member as accomplished and trustworthy. As experienced and qualified financial experts, the team at Kevin Mannion & Co. is well-equipped to serve your financial interests. Personally, Kevin Mannion is a fellow of Chartered Accountants Ireland, an internationally recognized accountancy professional membership body.

Start Ups Businesses

Many new businesses are unaware of financial or legal obligations. Check with Kevin Mannion & Co. about compliance for startups.

Established Limited Companies

The myriad of regulations for limited companies are complex, but Kevin Mannion & Co. keeps businesses on solid financial footing.

Sole Trades

Being a sole trader doesn’t mean handling everything without support—let Kevin Mannion & Co. help with your accountancy needs.

Other Businesses Types

Every business has unique challenges, and Kevin Mannion & Co. can navigate any rocky financial landscape—call for a consultation today.

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