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Events over the years have complicated the regulatory situation in Ireland. As a local contributor, your business is responsible for complying with all regulations, even if you haven’t yet heard about them. The chartered accounting team at Kevin Mannion & Co. have vast experience in corporate compliance services, and we help you understand changing compliance requirements and adjust your business practices.

Your business needs to comply with relevant regulatory requirements, but our guidance makes any adjustments much easier to incorporate in your operation. We also monitor client records and confirm continual compliance throughout the financial year.

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Save Time and Energy

Waiting until regulators discover non-compliance delays progress.

Prevent Errors

False or inaccurate information taints business records, and Kevin Mannion & Co. works diligently to reveal issues and restore financial integrity.

Meet Your Legal Obligations

Kevin Mannion & Co. can help you achieve timeous and accurate compliance.

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Unsure of how to setup and register your business?

Registering a business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Consult Kevin Mannion & Co.—we will help you comply with the requirements in preparation.

Remove potential obstacles and weaknesses
Non-compliance easily delays official approval. These issues may even incur penalties, fines, or unexpected exclusions. The only way to be sure is to take advantage of our corporate compliance services, checking document compliance and paving the way for government approval.
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The Kevin Mannion & Co. team offers comprehensive corporate compliance services and annual reporting.

Company Formations
Any new company is going to be subject to scrutiny by regulators and the public. Compliance with regulatory requirements from the beginning helps a business avoid headaches and disruptions later.
Annual Statutory Compliance

Kevin Mannion & Co. helps companies fulfil requirements. We work to gather documents with minimal interruptions to your business.

Maintenance of Statutory Registers
The accountants at Kevin Mannion & Co. can also confirm that the information about your company in statutory registers is accurate and that you submit any recent changes in time.
Changes in Directors/Company Secretary/Shareholders
Kevin Mannion & Co. will guide your business through the process of updating statutory registers. New information often arises when the composition of the board changes or leaderships positions shift.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kevin Mannion & Co we will take all the hassle out of the changeover, we will deal with your previous agent to get all the relevant information.

The fees charged depend on the level of expertise required and the amount of time spent on the job. However, on request we can will provide a no obligation quote in advance of undertaking any work.

This depends on the legal form of the business and which taxes you will be obliged to register for. We can provide an estimated timeline in our first free no obligation consultation.

No. At KM & CO. we work with a variety of software packages. We can provide advice on the most suitable for your business but we can work with whatever system you currently use.

KM & Co supports businesses in a wide variety industries. Our Principal, Kevin Mannion has over 20 years experience working in accountancy practises providing support to many businesses in many different industries.

Taxes are payable monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depening on the tax type and the business type. When you engage KM&Co we can provide a clear outline of when your taxes will be due for payment.

Yes we can can prepare cash flow projections for your business. We can also adviseon better ways to manage your cash flow and how to plan for future outgoings.

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