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Taxation Services

Tax season is a stressful time. Taxes in Ireland, can be confusing—and the laws are constantly changing. On top of this, tax forms can be tricky to understand and time-consuming to fill in. The penalties for completing a tax return incorrectly are fierce, even if the error is unintended. To make matters worse, it is easy to overpay your taxes.

The experience and expertise of the taxation services team at Kevin Mannion & Co will take the stress out of filing taxes. We can ensure that businesses comply with strict tax laws while structuring them to not pay more in taxes than they should for a legal entity.
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Save Time and Energy

Our tax specialists understand corporation tax laws and how to file returns correctly, saving your business precious time.

Meet Your Legal Obligations

Employing tax professionals is the best way to avoid falling foul of constantly changing businesses tax laws.

Operate Tax Efficiently

Kevin Mannion & Co can offer tax advice to businesses wanting to make their operations more tax efficient.

Plan for the Future

Expert tax planners can help businesses with a smart financial reorganization that can reduce future tax bills.

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Properly register your business for the correct taxes
It is essential that businesses be registered appropriately and that they pay the correct taxes. As with most tax issues, this is complicated and best left to tax professionals.
Are you paying too much tax?
For too many businesses, the answer is, “Yes.” The tax experts at Kevin Mannion & Co understand what companies should be paying and how to structure tax affairs efficiently to help them avoid unnecessary taxes.
Meet all tax deadlines
Tax deadlines can be tricky to keep track of, but missing them can bring penalties that hurt a business’s profits and cash flow. Our team at Kevin Mannion & Co helps businesses meet tax deadlines without headaches.
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Our Expertise & Services

Our seasoned tax professionals at Kevin Mannion & Co provide tax advice to make tax planning, preparation, and filing easy for businesses and their member firms, no matter how big or small.
Year End Tax Returns
It is easy to run out of time completing year-end tax returns. Our taxation preparation experts will ensure that you file your taxes on time and follow laws.
Our taxation services specialists at Kevin Mannion & Co have all aspects of taxation covered, including VAT returns, PAYE returns, Relevant Contract Tax, and Dividend Withholding Tax.
Payroll Operation
Payroll tax experts can advise businesses about payroll operations, helping ensure that your firm pays employees on time and that you correctly calculate and distribute PAYE and other deductions.
Tax Planning & Advice
Our team at Kevin Mannion & Co can help businesses make wise plans for future cash flow and taxation, restructuring as necessary to take advantage of tax breaks and potentially lower taxes.
Advice re. Transactions Giving Rise to Capital Gains Tax
Our experts at Kevin Mannion & Co understand how to structure assets to help reduce the burden of future capital gains taxation.
Advice re. Transactions Giving Rise to Capital Acquisitions Tax
Businesses that work with tax planning experts can look ahead and save money by avoiding unnecessarily high future capital acquisitions taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kevin Mannion & Co we will take all the hassle out of the changeover, we will deal with your previous agent to get all the relevant information.

The fees charged depend on the level of expertise required and the amount of time spent on the job. However, on request we can will provide a no obligation quote in advance of undertaking any work.

This depends on the legal form of the business and which taxes you will be obliged to register for. We can provide an estimated timeline in our first free no obligation consultation.

No. At KM & CO. we work with a variety of software packages. We can provide advice on the most suitable for your business but we can work with whatever system you currently use.

KM & Co supports businesses in a wide variety industries. Our Principal, Kevin Mannion has over 20 years experience working in accountancy practises providing support to many businesses in many different industries.

Taxes are payable monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depening on the tax type and the business type. When you engage KM&Co we can provide a clear outline of when your taxes will be due for payment.

Yes we can can prepare cash flow projections for your business. We can also adviseon better ways to manage your cash flow and how to plan for future outgoings.

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