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Are Your Business Finances Holding Your Company Back?

Kevin Mannion & Co. is an award-winning accountancy firm that will organise your accounting and bookkeeping to the highest industry standards. We monitor annual accounts and tax or VAT returns from sole traders through to a limited company. Our accounting services also cover cash flow, optimising a management strategy that reduces errors and facilitates compliance.

Our accounting services integrate the latest cloud-computing software and business accounting packages into the bookkeeping process, increasing accuracy and efficiency. We commit to providing a reliable foundation for running your business at every stage of development, including through mergers and acquisitions and various business expansions.
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Save Time and Energy

If you need more time and energy to focus on business operations, let Kevin Mannion & Co. handle your bookkeeping.

Manage Your Cashflow

Minimal wastage ensures that a business is bringing in revenue effectively—a Kevin Mannion & Co. chartered accountant can help.

Develop Your Business

Kevin Mannion & Co. will work with you to develop a sound business plan as you scale operations for the future.

Reduce Your Liability

Let Kevin Mannion & Co. assist you in reducing exposure to costs with effective tax planning, compliance, and risk management.

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Are you spending too much time on the accounting side of your business?
The experienced accounting team at Kevin Mannion & Co. can offer years of experience in efficient accounting and financial management. The professionals offer cutting-edge accounting services and tools, including streamlined online accounting, automation software and cloud computing for easier collation.
Do you know what your turnover and profit is for the last 12 months?
It may seem a simple question, but it is easy to miss the big picture amid the day-to-day challenges of running a business. Don’t lose track of your financial position—ask Kevin Mannion & Co. about user-friendly, informative year-end reports.
Struggling to manage your cash flow?
If accessible financial solutions seem elusive, inefficiencies in cash flow management are often to blame. The accounting services of Kevin Mannion & Co. provide access to the latest cloud accounting software to optimise your cash flow and grow your business.
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Our Expertise & Services

The proficient chartered accountants at Kevin Mannion & Co. offer the following accounting services to small business clients, including Irish businesses with strong community ties:

Year Financial Statements
Year-end reports are foundational to effective business planning, and you can enjoy a precise performance snapshot with our informative and clear statements showing your financial activities over the past year.
Management Accounts
In addition to year-end account projections, our accountants provide monthly or quarterly management accounts to empower your business leaders. We tailor these reports to the needs and goals of your business.
In uncertain times, the ability to anticipate future opportunities and challenges is vital. Kevin Mannion & Co. provides relevant financial analysis to help you respond effectively to market trends and challenges.
Bookkeeping Services
Businesses require diligent, accurate and clear bookkeeping services. Call Kevin Mannion & Co. for reliable accounting services using the latest software to increase efficiency and give you peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kevin Mannion & Co we will take all the hassle out of the changeover, we will deal with your previous agent to get all the relevant information.

The fees charged depend on the level of expertise required and the amount of time spent on the job. However, on request we can will provide a no obligation quote in advance of undertaking any work.

This depends on the legal form of the business and which taxes you will be obliged to register for. We can provide an estimated timeline in our first free no obligation consultation.

No. At KM & CO. we work with a variety of software packages. We can provide advice on the most suitable for your business but we can work with whatever system you currently use.

KM & Co supports businesses in a wide variety industries. Our Principal, Kevin Mannion has over 20 years experience working in accountancy practises providing support to many businesses in many different industries.

Taxes are payable monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depening on the tax type and the business type. When you engage KM&Co we can provide a clear outline of when your taxes will be due for payment.

Yes we can can prepare cash flow projections for your business. We can also adviseon better ways to manage your cash flow and how to plan for future outgoings.

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Other Services

We service clients across a broad range of sectors:

Taxation Services
Keeping up with tax codes and the implications for businesses is a full-time job, but our tax professionals can help.
Corporate Compliance
Penalties and legal fines surrounding non-compliance are avoidable. We can help you navigate government regulations.